For over 50 years, Nordic Design have been locally crafting quality items in our Adelaide Furniture Factory. Our highly-skilled furniture makers craft every piece by hand in our Adelaide factory using locally sourced materials. We remain committed, always, to investing in local jobs and industry for the benefit of our employees and our customers.

We’re extraordinarily proud to say nothing we create is mass-produced or imported. While off-shore imports provide a low cost alternative, we understand the value of investing in quality furniture manufacture. Our wholly Australian-made furniture products provide outstanding value in the long-term, with looks and craftsmanship that endure.


Nordic Design Furniture grew from humble beginnings in Ridgehaven, South Australia. Our furniture makers were inspired by minimalist Scandinavian style, embodied by clean, simple lines, functionality and sustainability. From the outset, our aim has been to complement the raw beauty of natural timber with timeless design and quality finishes.

Beginning as a modest family owned and operated business, selling individually handcrafted furniture directly to customers, Nordic Design has since grown to become one of Adelaide’s leading furniture manufacturers. Our furniture has been sought after by customers all across Australia.