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The choice of Beds available in our Adelaide Furniture Store include a variety of design options. All of our Bed Frames can be modified to accommodate your height, depth of mattress and other personal preferences… READ MORE


Consider our hand crafted Bed Frames to serve as a personalised feature in your bedroom. Like our Designer Beds, all of our Bedroom Furniture can be modified to any specifications to incorporate your preferred style, finish and function. Our Designer Beds are offered with a variety of custom options for design, comfort and storage.

We design and craft all of our Bed Furniture here in Adelaide. This means you can personalise the design and functionality. For example, have your Bed crafted to include a higher headboard, or you can ask to have a low end for a simpler finish. Because we offer beautiful natural timber choices, plus quality fabric and leathers, you’re guaranteed a stunning result to match your vision.

As well, we offer all of our Designer Beds in a range of standard sizes – King, Queen, Double, King Single and Single. Or of course, let us build your Wooden Bed to custom sizing.

For greater storage, why not add drawers underneath your Bed Frame? Because they are discreet and handy, these are a great solution for additional storage. Add extra drawers and shelves to any of our Bedside Tables to maximise storage.


Unlike many mass-produced furniture brands, Nordic Design offers many options in Bedroom Furniture, specifically tailored to you. Take an existing Bed Frame design and choose to increase the width for more surface area. Include one or two shelves for quick access to everyday items as well. Bigger, smaller, wider, narrower – it can all be done.

You can also choose the finish of the edges on all of our Designer Beds. Having rounded edges may be a practical (and safer) option if you have young children or older people in the house. While crisp squared corners create a contemporary presence which is desirable for more modern bedrooms.

All Nordic Design Bedroom Furniture is handcrafted in mostly Australian hardwood timbers to the highest quality, ensuring it will last for many years. Feel confident in letting us craft a Bed that’s unique for your bedroom. In a room that’s especially yours, it’s nice to have furniture that reflects you.