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At Nordic Design we customise your Chest of Drawers to any size and configuration, right here in Adelaide. Since storage requirements are personal, all Bedroom Chest of Drawers can be made to your specific size… READ MORE


Consider a Timber Chest of Drawers with specific storage features to accommodate your needs, as it’s essential to have adequate storage. While your Bedroom is a place to unwind, storage and function are equally important.

When it comes to storage options Nordic Design specialise in making Timber Chest of Drawers. But it’s how they are made which makes the difference. If you don’t have a large area, you’re probably conscious of cabinet size. This is why we build to customer requirements, ensuring all cabinets are made to fit your space the most practical way. We can easily adjust the depth or height of any cabinet to allow for more floor space.

All hand crafted in a large range of hardwood timbers ensures durability, plus a variety of finishes are available to complete the look. If you’re adding to an existing setting, have your Timber Chest of Drawers colour toned to match for a complete suite look.

Why Choose a Chest of Drawers for Your Room?

A common addition to most bedrooms, a Chest of Drawers allows additional storage, but can also serve as a dressing table or TV stand. Being a lower cabinet, it will keep your bedroom feeling more open and spacious (rather than opting for taller and larger storage cabinets). Plus, our Bedroom Chest of Drawers can incorporate internal divisions for more specific storage. They can also be made with any number of drawers. For your Chest of Drawers, you may prefer a full base to maximise storage by gaining an extra drawer or two. Alternatively, we can build your cabinet to sit on a risen leg for a light and more spacious feel.

Another benefit to adding a Chest of Drawers is the addition of ‘more drawers’. While this is an obvious reason, it’s especially practical to keep clothing or personal items well organised in drawers, rather than shelving. With drawers you can easily access items that are placed further back and not be fearful of forgetting they’re there. You can never have too much storage and in particular, you can never have too many drawers.

Remember to consider your timber selection as well. With a variety of quality hardwood timbers, we can achieve a traditional or modern look. You can even have a two-tone timber selection with contrasting hues. We have so many variations available in our large Showroom that you can consider.