Is buying Bespoke really better than Pre-Made?

Last week, we explored the options for choosing Custom Made Dining Furniture and what that means. Sometimes, knowing all of the available options can be a little overwhelming, so let’s simplify things and look at the basics between choosing Custom or Ready-Made.

At Nordic Design Furniture, we’ve specialised in designing and crafting Dining Tables and Chairs for over 50 years. Working closely with our customer’s to ensure a perfect outcome. Our staff both in the Showroom and Factory are experienced, skilled and especially friendly. As a team, we fully immerse ourselves into each and every item we make, so you know each detail has been carefully considered and accomplished.

One of the main perks of choosing a Pre-Made Dining Suite, is that the items are (typically) ready to deliver. With all of us being time poor and eager for our homes to be beautifully setup, it can be especially enticing to go down this path.

However, in the long run there’s nothing quite like a Custom Dining Suite. It’s quite rare to find anything that ticks all the boxes – you may be compromising on size, timber, upholstery, or comfort. By taking the time to commit to something Bespoke means you’ll have exactly what you want for the long run (even if that means allowing manufacturing time).

With the choice of a Custom Dining Setting, you have the luxury of Material Choices as well as functionality features. By incorporating Custom Features to our design, means you’ll be left with a truly unique furniture piece for your home, which will fulfil all personal requirements.

If you’re looking for a Timeless Appeal, you’ll want to commit to something that highlights your personal style. By opting for this, means you’ll never tire of using your Dining Suite, because it’s been made for you. With the limitations of choosing a Pre-Made option, it often restricts you to choosing from designs and styles that are ‘on trend’ for a short period of time… And nobody wants to update their Dining Furniture every few years.

Another key benefit to choosing Bespoke is that it generally ensures Durability. Because you’re choosing furniture that’s made from premium materials and designed to suit your lifestyle and personal requirements, it will comfortably enjoy many years of use… Exactly what you’d expect from a Dining Suite.



While we’re particularly fond of Custom Made, we can also appreciate the benefits of choosing a Ready-Made design. It’s for this reason, we offer both options to our customers. Walk through our Showroom and choose an existing design on display. This allows you to see exactly what you’re getting before committing to purchase – and obviously removes the wait time for delivery.

For a lot of our customers, the idea of this option is particularly desirable. By seeing a Ready-Made product also makes it easier to visualise how you’ll be able to use it as part of your everyday lifestyle. And if you’re matching to other furniture items in your home, it makes it easier when comparing materials since you can see the selection of timber and upholstery before buying it. It’s not always easy to visualise something unless it’s physically infront of you – so by choosing Ready-Made eliminates any uncertainty



The word Custom really says it all. Nothing compares to having something that’s made just for you. The Handcrafted Details can be tailored to your needs as required so that your Dining looks and functions as needed.

With everyone having a different lifestyle, home layout and personal aesthetic, it’s almost impossible to find something that will fulfil all your needs. Allow our experienced staff and specialist craftspeople to work with you in creating Dining Furniture that’s based entirely around your needs.

And of course, the selections are truly endless… From Design, Size, Timber, Upholstery and Comfort you’ll be able to customise every element to your exact needs. This applies to both your Table and Chairs.

It’s clear there are benefits to both Custom or Ready-Made – it simply depends on what will best accommodate your needs at the time. Conveniently, at Nordic Design we specialise in both offerings, so you won’t feel limited to either choice.

Remember, your Dining Furniture will be the most used item in your home. Whether for daily use or special occasions, there are always people gathering round to share conversations and meals… Whatever you choose, be sure to consider how you see yourself enjoying this setting over a number of years…

Our large Showroom is conveniently located on Magill Road and offers plenty of rear parking to make your visit easy and comfortable. We have plenty of items on display, plus a digital photo library which showcases thousands of pieces made for previous customers. Our experienced staff look forward to working with you to create a Bespoke Dining Suite for your home.