There’s something about Custom Dining Furniture… It’s likely we can all agree that the Dining Room is one of the most enjoyed rooms of the house. It’s a place for week night dinners, special occasions with family and long overdue catch ups with friends. No matter what the purpose, having Dining Furniture that’s made to fulfil all your needs means you’re ready for every moment.

As Furniture Makers, specialising in Custom Dining Furniture for over 50 years, we’re confident in being able to create something perfectly suited to your space. Whether you have a large family to accommodate, or want to create a more intimate zone, we can easily fulfil your needs.


So… What is it exactly that makes Dining Furniture Custom? To put it simply, it comes down to choosing your preferred size, design and materials (timber and upholstery). Being able to determine the size for your Dining Table and Chairs is especially exciting – as this can be as specific as you need (not something that’s easy to get elsewhere… Particularly if what you need for your Dining Space is a little specific). The design is also important, as each home has a different style and personality that runs through the house, so choosing a style that fits in is essential. And lastly, the choice of timber will add to the overall look and feel of your suite… Plus, opting for Leather or Fabric will have a substantial impact too.

Not only does Custom mean choosing the look and function you want… But it also means High Quality. With each of our Furniture pieces being individually hand crafted using traditional crafting techniques, you’re ensured a quality setting that will endure many years of enjoyed use.


Now, while the idea of having Custom Furniture feels special, it can also become overwhelming being in charge of every single selection… What we suggest is always starting with size. This is determined by how you intend on using your Dining Table and the space available in your Dining Area. Do you require something smaller for daily use, or would you rather an 8 Seater or 10 Seater to accommodate more people? If you’re unsure on your long term plans, then the option of an Extendable Dining Table is a great idea. This gives you two tables in one – a smaller option for every day which enlarges as required. For us, we always suggest an Extendable Table because they really are the most practical choice (especially with ever growing families). Plus, as specialists in crafting Extension Tables, we’re confident in offering a superior finish with seamless mechanism.

extendable dining tables locally crafted in Adelaide

Our Dining Tables are particularly special, as they’re all made using premium Hardwood Timbers. This is something we’re very proud to offer our customers as it’s not something commonly available on the market. The quality seen in the finish and the richness of colour is unmatched… Plus, with the unique character of each selection, your table will truly be one of a kind.

With so many timbers available to choose from, you’re ensured exactly the look you want. Some of the timbers we offer include Tasmanian Blackwood, Tasmanian Oak, Victorian Mountain Ash, Western Australian Jarrah, Tasmanian Silver Wattle or American Oak. Alternatively, if you have existing furniture pieces you’d like to match, our specialist polishers can closely match colour tones. So in other words, the options are endless…

quality hardwood timber selections

Once you know the type of colour and finish you prefer, there are also a range of choices when it comes to shape. With experience in crafting traditional tables with a Rectangular Top, we can also offer Round, Square or Oval shapes (with most of these having the option of converting into an Extension if needed). Whether you prefer a contemporary or traditional feel, we can accomodate our existing designs to suit – or work with you to design something completely from scratch. Talking to us about your needs and the space you’re working with will give us plenty of information to be able to assist you in making decisions.

And while our Dining Tables are a show stopper, there’s something equally special about our Dining Chairs. Once again, each is locally hand crafted using traditional crafting methods, but the level of comfort is completely customisable. Should you require additional back support, we can offer a high back or something with a deep curve to hug you while you sit. If you prefer a deeper seat with a firmer cushion, this is also possible… Each and every component is based on your personal requirements and is guaranteed to stand the test of time.


While the ‘technical’ things are important, the look of your Dining Suite is just as important (and the most fun part in our opinion). Of course, you can choose any choice of timber and upholstery – with hundreds of options available… But you can also think outside the square a little. Why not consider mixing colours and textures for something different? Or the addition of Bench Seats can add an element of casual dining should this be something you desire.

But it doesn’t just stop at your Table and Chairs… If tying into a shared living & dining space, why not consider matching Bar Stools to add some flow from your Dining zone? With so many Dining Chair options, we can easily adapt your design and comfort needs into a set of matching Bar Stools, should you desire.

Depending on your home and lifestyle, each household will require different needs… Which is why you should speak with one of our friendly and experienced staff to discover what options might be best suited to you.

Feel free to visit our Showroom and explore all things Dining Furniture… We’re conveniently located on Magill Road with plenty of rear parking to make your visit especially simple. We’d love to see you in store and help bring your vision to life…