custom dining furniture made with solid timber to any size

With the festive season fast approaching, it encourages us to start thinking of how we’ll celebrate with our loved ones. Whether you host regularly, or you’re planning to for the first time, it’s never too early to start preparing…

Creating a beautiful and inviting Dining Table is one of the most personal ways to welcome people into your home. And the ambiance you create through your Dining Setting will ultimately ‘set the mood’ for the entire occasion – whatever that may be.

Whether your decoration style is traditional or contemporary is a personal choice (and can be changed from year to year). But the foundation for your Dining Room will remain the same. This is why it’s important to consider your furniture pieces with longevity, comfort and entertaining in mind. At Nordic Design, we’ve been locally crafting custom Dining Furniture for over 50 years. Over this time, we’ve been able to offer experience and advice to help our customers select quality furniture pieces to complement their home and entertaining style.


The main attraction – your Dining Table. When choosing a Dining Table for your home, there are many considerations to take into account. The first (and most obvious), is size. How much space does your Dining Room allow? Would a rectangle or round table me more suitable for the shape of the room? If provided with dimensions, we’re happy to offer guidance on which shape and size will best suit. And because all of our Tables are custom made here in Adelaide, it means you don’t have to feel restricted in your choices. We can craft to any size and shape you desire.

large timber dining tables custom made to any size

While the size of the room will play a large factor in determining the dimensions of your table, so will the way you plan to use it. Do you have a large family and intend to host for many guests? Do you wish to have shared platters across the table while guests are dining? And if you’re someone who wants to include decorative elements, then you’ll need plenty of surface area to accommodate everything. Customise the length and depth of your table to comfortably fulfil all of your personal requirements.

Once we know the dimensions to work with, the style of table is next. We have a variety of design styles displayed for your consideration, but we can also custom build if you have something unique in mind. Simply speak with our staff and we’ll work with you to craft a Dining Table that ticks all the boxes. Because each home is personal, your furniture pieces should be custom made to fit just right.


A Dining Table wouldn’t be complete without its Dining Chairs. They really are the final piece in completing your Dining Setting. While the look of your chairs is important, the level of comfort should come first. This is something we’ve always kept front of mind when crafting Dining Chairs and it’s also what makes our Chairs truly unique from others available.

In our Showroom, test different Chair styles and experience the comfort first hand. Offering high back options, wider seats, carver arms and curved back support – plus the option for any custom requests.

And once the comfort is just right, the upholstery selections are next (and that’s really the fun part). We’re proud to offer our customer’s a vast range of quality fabric and leather selections through reputable suppliers such as Warwick Fabrics, Zepel Fabrics and Tasman Leathers.

fabric dining chairs and leather dining chairs made in Adelaide

Since your Dining Chairs will be used repeatedly – and surrounded by food and drink – it’s important to feel confident in actually using your Chairs (and enjoy doing so). While Leather is often considered the safer option due to its low maintenance, there’s no reason you can’t have the same reassurance in choosing a fabric. With many options including built-in stain guarding you can easily remove unwanted marks. Alternatively, if your preferred fabric doesn’t come with this option incorporated into the material, we can apply a ‘heavy duty’ stain guard as a protective layer during manufacturing.

Whether for Christmas (or any occasion), we’ll have your Dining Chairs ready for the job!


Lastly, no Dining Space is ready without a storage and display component. Allow us to craft a matching Buffet to store all of your serving plates, glassware, cutlery and festive decorations. Or, consider a display cabinet with glass doors so you can have certain items displayed.

Once again, we can craft to your specific dimensions and also customise storage options. Choose your preferred number of doors, drawers and shelving. Consider the addition of drawer divisions or cable cut-outs as well if this is something useful for you.

dining room buffet and glass display cabinet

And if space allows, incorporating a Glass Display Cabinet is also a great choice. Not only can you include more storage (which is always a bonus), but it allows you to showcase special pieces in your Dining Room. These could be holiday trinkets, family heirlooms or simply your favourite crystalware. And it’s another opportunity to incorporate some decorative elements during the Christmas period.

For furniture that will stand the test of time and experience many Christmas gatherings, invest in quality furniture. Our Dining Tables, Chairs and Storage Cabinets are built using traditional crafting techniques and premium hardwood timbers. This means they will be in your home for many years and experience many special gatherings. We truly believe the foundation for all special occasions is the furniture. Make your Dining Setting the basis for years and years of family gatherings and Christmas lunches. The food and decorations may change each year, but your furniture doesn’t have to.

Visit our large Showroom and explore our beautiful designer furniture in person. Conveniently located on Magill Road (with plenty of rear parking for easy access). We’d love to assist you in crafting a quality dining setting for your home.