round custom dining table with four chairs modern extendable dining table made in Adelaide 10 seater dining table with fabric dining chairs and blackwood timber trestle table 10 seater custom dining table with matching dining chairs
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Whether your Dining Room is formal or informal, a separate room or part of an open plan, Nordic Design offers a vast selection of Dining Tables and Chairs  to reflect your needs. Most importantly, all of our Dining Room Furniture is locally crafted using the highest quality materials and crafting techniques.

Skilfully handcrafted from predominately Australian timber and the highest quality materials, our Dining Furniture assures comfort, functionality, and timeless looks.

Make it unique with our custom options. Our range of Dining Sets can be ordered to any size, shape, and specification – ideal if matching existing furniture in your home. Mix and match your table with a set of attractive, sturdy chairs constructed from the same timber for a considered aesthetic. Complete the look with your choice of gorgeous fabric or full-grain leather for your chairs. We offering a range of Dining Set combinations in our large Showroom for you to browse. Enjoy our quality timber furniture up close to experience the stunning finish.


FUNCTION: It’s wise to consider the layout of your Dining Room and how you use it because everyone is different. For apartment living, a 4-6 setting dining suite may be all you need. You might even consider a Round Dining Table for more space? Or perhaps a Square Dining Table for a more symmetrical design.. If you frequently entertain extended family and friends, a larger setting could be useful. Alternatively, Extendable Dining Tables provide greater flexibility with the option of an intimate Dining Suite for daily use, plus plenty of space when entertaining.

SPACE: Measure your dining area to ensure there will be enough space for guests to walk around the table with occupied chairs. Ideally, you’ll want to allow a minimum space of 1 metre from table edge to wall or adjacent furniture. Consider the most suitable seating option for your lifestyle – perhaps you require a 6 seater dining table, 8 seater dining table or even a 10 seater dining table – the choice is yours.

SEATING: Choose dining chairs with plenty of cushioning and support for regular dining. If you’re buying Dining Chairs for an existing table, consider their width and how many will fit comfortably in the space you have. And if you love the idea of dining chairs with arms, make sure you measure their height to ensure they’re low enough to fit beneath your table top.

All of our Dining Suites are designed to accommodate your home and lifestyle. Let us know your requirements and we can customise a dining table set to complement your day to day (or entertaining) space.