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We’ve selected a range of 10 Seater Dining Tables, in a variety of shapes and timber selections for you to browse. Of course, as we locally craft all of our Dining Tables, we can custom build something just for you.

At Nordic Design, we have been crafting Dining Tables for 50 years. Using quality materials and crafting techniques to ensure a quality outcome. We often fulfil requests for 10 Seater Dining Tables with comfortable Dining Chairs to match. The choice of a large Dining Table is ideal if you enjoy entertaining at home and have a spacious Dining Area.

If you’re wanting a custom shape, style or size for your 10 Seater Dining Table, please contact us to discuss your options.


A 10 Seater Dining Table is ideal for serious entertainers. Choose your preferred design and shape, from round, oval, rectangular or square, and complete it with your desired leg profile. Whether for a casual or formal area, the choice of a 10 Seater Dining Table will mean you’re ready for any occasion. The more room for seating, the better!

If space allows, the choice of a 10 Seater Dining Table is a great idea! You’ll never be short on space when extra guests come over, and for daily use, you’ll have plenty of room to spread out in plenty of comfort.

If you have enough room for a Dining Table this large, it will most likely become a feature piece in your home. This means your timber selection is particularly important… We use predominately Australian hardwood timbers for all of our Dining Tables, meaning the quality is unmatched and the natural grain won’t be compromised. We can also craft your matching chairs in the same selection of timber for a completely seamless finish.

If your home has a dedicated Dining Room, why not indulge in a 10 Seater Dining Table for the ultimate entertaining space? Let us craft a Dining Table and Chairs to match with existing Dining Room Furniture you might already have. In our spacious showroom, we have a large range of designs, both contemporary and traditional, for you to see and feel up close. And of course, all of our existing designs are available to order in a Custom Size if you require something a little more specific.

If you want more flexibility again, you could convert your Table Set into an Extension Dining. This way, you aren’t committed to your Dining Table being a fixed size and can easily enlarge it when required. Using Quality Materials, all of our tables can effortlessly convert into Extensions (if desired). Just talk to our staff about your requirements and we can offer different suggestions.

A 10 Seater Table Set will offer you complete flexibility. Family and friends can easily gather in one place without feeling disconnected. It’s also ideal for special occasions when there is plenty of food being shared. We can only imagine the kind of fun a large table like this can offer.