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Seen here is a selection of 8 Seater Dining Tables, in a variety of shapes and timber selections. Of course, as we locally craft all of our Dining Tables, we can make something just for you. If you’re wanting a different shape, style, or size please contact us to discuss your options.


We offer a diverse selection of 8 Seater Dining Tables, crafted here in Adelaide. Select your preferred style and shape: round, oval, rectangular, or square, and pair with the leg profile of your choice. To fulfill a larger area, an 8 Seater Dining Table is ideal and allows a comfortable dining experience. Available in both casual and formal styles, depending on your needs. Even the option for Extendable tables can introduce more room for special occasions when 8 seats aren’t quite enough.

If you’re looking for an 8 Seater Dining Table, you probably plan on being the go-to for gatherings. Or you could simply have a larger family you need to accommodate for having daily meals and completing homework. Either way, the choice of a Custom Made 8 Seater Dining Table will allow plenty of space for all to gather in one place, without feeling squishy.

Being crafted from natural hardwood timbers also means your large Dining Table is suitable to withstand all occasions. Whether dining with adults for a dinner party or surrounded by children when it’s family time – your Dining Suite will be ready for it all. We find an 8 Seater setting is a popular size for people to consider. It is large enough for daily meals (usually with plenty of room to spare), but can also cater for those extra dinner guests that come round.

While considerably large, an 8 Seater Dining Table generally doesn’t take up too much space. While it generally depends on the room you have available in your home, you can alter the shape to be more suitable and feel even less intrusive if you don’t want to sacrifice your seating capacity. Remember to consider your other Dining Room Furniture when committing to a table. Your Table and Chairs should allow enough space for other furniture pieces to sit far away enough, so there is no interference when pulling chairs in and out during get-togethers.

Even with the choice of an 8 Seater table, you can still have a Modern Design without compromising on size and comfort. We can easily incorporate slim lines and tapered ends to soften the look of any Dining Table. Alternatively, if you prefer a more traditional style, we can also achieve this for you. Our large showroom offers a vast selection of designs and sizes for you to explore up close before settling on your own.