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At Nordic Design, we individually hand craft every piece of Dining Furniture in our Adelaide Factory. This means you can modify any of our existing designs – by size, timber and design finish. Or, if you want something truly unique (and very specific), we can custom make this too. As all of our Dining Furniture is individually made, it allows you to customise any piece to your specific requirements.

To find out more about creating Custom Dining Furniture, talk to our expert team about your individual needs.

Step 1 – Choose Your Size
When choosing Dining Furniture, the first thing to establish is the space you have. How large or small is your Dining area and what would be the ideal size of your table and chairs? Measure your space and talk to us about your requirements. You can be as specific as needed to ensure the size of your Dining Setting is exactly what you want.

Not only can you customise the size of your furniture, but you can also choose your preferred functionality. You might request an Extendable Dining Table with Chairs that are made narrow or lower? We can make adjustments to ensure your Dining Suite is the perfect fit.

Step 2 – Choose Your Design
When choosing the design, consider the style of your home. Is your Dining Space contemporary or traditional? Will it be accompanied by other furniture, or sit as a stand alone setting?

Our Custom Designer Furniture is so diverse because of the possibilities on offer and we can easily achieve a modern or traditional design based on your needs. Whether you want something to complement existing furniture pieces, or order a complete room setting, we can accommodate all requests.

We can incorporate so many design finishes based on your preferred look – tapered table legs, ornate edging or a statement table base? Show us images and discuss your ideas with us so we can help you achieve your desired outcome.

Step 3 – Choose your Timber / Upholstery
Because every home is so different, we like to offer plenty of variation to our customers. While all of our Dining Furniture is crafted from quality timbers, fabrics & leathers, we have a large selection to choose from…

Choose from our range of quality hardwood timbers (or allow us to closely colour match to existing timber in your home). You might also adjust the firmness of your seating so your Dining Chairs offer personalised comfort.


As specialists in crafting quality dining furniture for 50 years, we have much experience and knowledge when it comes to customising a design. We’re particularly passionate about Dining Tables, as we understand the highly used role they play in most households. Being a central point for families and friends to gather means it’s important to have a Dining Setting worthy of these moments.

All of our Dining Furniture is made with the highest quality materials, ensuring the best in design and function. We predominantly manufacture our Dining Suites with Australian Hardwood timbers. These include Tasmanian Blackwood, Tasmanian Oak, Victorian Mountain Ash, Western Australian Jarrah, Tasmanian Silver Wattle or American Oak. By manufacturing with these hardwoods, you’ll notice richer colours, more detailed grains and most importantly, long lasting durability.

It’s important to have reassurance when purchasing Dining Furniture. Particularly… It will become one of the most used pieces in the house, so it needs to stand the test of time. And by focusing on every detail from the materials, to the design and manufacturing process, we can achieve the very best results for you.

Just as important are the Dining Chairs to accompany your table. Customise the overall look and level of comfort to ensure consistency and longevity for your dining experience.