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With all our Dining Chairs crafted in our Adelaide factory, our skilled furniture makers can create exactly the Designer Dining Chairs you envision for your space… READ MORE


Indulge in Designer Dining Chairs for a truly quality dining experience. We craft solid, timber-framed Dining Chairs built for lasting comfort and support – made entirely to your personal requirements. Whether you prefer Leather Dining Chairs or something softer as a Fabric Dining Chair, we can effortlessly accommodate your preferences.

Add the finishing touches to your Dining Room with a custom set of Dining Chairs. We offer a large range of Dining Chairs in our showroom with various design and size options available. From wooden Dining Chairs, to Leather and Fabric Dining Chairs, there is something for every style of home. Whether your preference be Modern Dining Chairs or something more traditional, we can make alterations to best suit the style of your home. All of our designs can incorporate low backs, high backs, extra wide seats or be converted into bench seats. Made from quality materials and traditional crafting methods to ensure a set of Dining Chairs that will stand the test of time.

What makes a Designer Dining Chair different from the others? Firstly, at Nordic Design, all of our Dining Chairs are individually hand crafted by our specialist craftspeople here in Adelaide, ensuring the finest attention to detail. Whether you want to combine different design styles or create something one of a kind – we can assist you to ensure the outcome is exactly as you desire. Offering Modern Dining Chairs as well as traditional designs, there are plenty of options for you to consider. Of course, we can also create something entirely unique if you have something special in mind. Show us pictures for inspiration or combine different designs you see in store. We are always making modifications for our clients, so that each Dining Chair is perfectly suitable for its new home. Because of this, it allows us to continually evolve our designs and make improvements so we can offer our customers even better products.

No matter what design you decide on, we always ensure our customers the very best comfort. To offer the most enjoyable dining experience, having Comfortable Dining Chairs is a must – and this is why we never compromise on comfort. Allow us to customise the level of support based on your personal preference. You can also contemplate High or Low Back Dining Chairs based on what you find most supportive.

Not only can you choose the design and size of your Designer Dining Chairs, but you can choose your preferred timber as well. Whether you select from our Australian hardwoods or have us closely colour match to existing furniture already in your home. We have a large range of timbers to choose from and plenty of examples presented in our large showroom. For consistency of your Dining Furniture, we suggest the same timber selection be applied across all additional pieces – Such as a Buffet Cabinet or Display Unit. Our Blackwood Dining Chairs are especially popular, as the tonal variation offers great flexibility when pairing with other timbers already in your home. Although if you prefer something more contemporary, perhaps American Oak Dining Chairs would be more appealing? The lighter timber selection can offer a softer finish to your space.

We also offer a wide range of fabric and leathers for Upholstered Dining Chairs. As the Dining Room is often a central point of the home, you should have Dining Chairs that complement your space and sit harmoniously amongst your other Dining Room Furniture. Whether a classic Leather Dining Chair is what you’re after (or a soft fabric selection) we can achieve exactly the look you desire with our large range of upholstery selections.

Your Dining Room Furniture should be well considered to comfortably suit your style and blend with the rest of your home. Is your Dining Space part of an open living concept, or part of a formal meals area? This will determine the style of chairs that best suit your needs. While the idea of Leather Dining Chairs seem to be practical for cleaning and maintenance, you can still consider a fabric option if you’d prefer. We offer stain guarding so you can feel comfortable choosing a Fabric Dining Chair. Explore a variety of upholstery options in our large showroom, where you can see hundreds of fabric and leather swatches – some already upholstered on different furniture items.

We think your Dining Space should be equipped for all kinds of entertaining. Whether for daily meals with family, or Dinner Parties with friends. This means your Chairs need to look the part but also feel the part. For primal comfort, consider a high back option for greater support or even a wider seat if your table accommodates. You want to ensure your Room Chairs are spacious enough so guests don’t feel crowded when gathered together.

At Nordic Design, you are part of the selection process which means you can choose the level of comfort for your Custom Dining Chairs. Perhaps you require a higher back, wider seat or arm support? We understand that comfort is something not to be compromised, and we pride ourselves on achieving this for you. By locally crafting all of our Dining Chairs in Adelaide, we can offer design and comfort are equally matched. In our Showroom, we have a variety of different chair designs (upholstered in different fabrics and leathers) for you to physically see and feel. You can also explore our selection of hardwood timbers as well. Of course, what we have displayed in our Showroom is only a small percentage of what we can offer you… So talk to one of our experienced staff if you’re considering something custom – for design or comfort.