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Locally crafted in our Adelaide furniture factory, our Leather Dining Chairs are made using quality materials and crafting techniques. Offering a large variety of quality leather options, let us craft Leather Dining Chairs to your requirements… READ MORE


Enjoy Leather Dining Chairs for a luxurious dining experience. We craft our Leather Dining Chairs using timber frames built for lasting comfort and support, to your personal requirements. Offering a wide selection of quality Leathers, we can upholster in your preferred colour and texture. With the option of Modern Dining Chairs or classic designs, you can have Leather Dining Chairs made exactly to suit your style.

What makes our Leather Dining Chairs more preferable than others? Firstly, our specialist craftspeople here in Adelaide have the finest attention to detail. Whether you want to combine different design styles or create something one of a kind – we can assist you to ensure the outcome is exactly as you desire. Offering Modern Dining Chairs as well as traditional designs, there are plenty of options for you to consider (using your choice of quality leather).

Not only can you choose the design and size of your Leather Dining Chair, but you can choose your timber as well. Whether you select from our Australian hardwoods or have us closely match to existing colour tones already in your home. We have a large range of hardwood timbers to choose from and plenty of examples presented in our large showroom.

Because your Leather Dining Chairs should sit harmoniously with your existing furniture, we offer a diverse colour palette for you to contemplate. As the dining area is often a central point of the home, you should have Leather Dining Chairs that complement your space. Whether a classic Black Leather Dining Chair is what you’re after, or a White Leather Dining Chair, you can achieve the look you wish with our large range of selections.

Of course while the look of your Leather Dining Chairs is extremely important, so is the level of comfort. At Nordic Design, you are part of the selection process which means you can choose the level of comfort for your Dining Chairs. Perhaps you require a higher back, wider seat or additional padding? At Nordic Design, we understand that comfort is something that shouldn’t be compromised, and we pride ourselves on achieving this for you.