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Store your treasured books and decorative pieces in a custom bookcase, purposefully built to suit your space. Consider a free standing design, something to fit an alcove, or fill an entire wall… READ MORE


Using a selection of quality Australian timbers, Nordic Design can craft bookshelves in modern or traditional designs to any height, width or depth. Have a Custom Bookcase made with open shelves for a light, spacious look, or add a back for a more solid appearance. Adjustable shelves and doors can also be incorporated to create flexible storage options within your bookcase.

A bookcase is such a useful item to have in your home office. Books and journals that quickly accumulate and lose their order will now have a place to sit. Using the best quality hardwoods and manufacturing techniques ensures we can craft the perfect bookshelves for your space.

Having a custom bookcase that doubles as a display cabinet is also a practical and aesthetically pleasing concept. With timber doors to store less used items and above shelving for easy access and display, it makes for good use in your home office.

To complement your existing furniture, we can build your bookshelves in a matching style and colour, or design a completely original bookshelf as a feature piece in its own right.

Do you have a shared living/office space? Design a bookcase display with timber framed glass doors and open shelves so you can hold a range of books and display pieces in the same place. Another benefit of having a two-in-one piece like this means you can move it from different rooms of the house when re-decorating. It makes working from home feel more special too.

Consider a Bookcase with hidden storage included. Our large Storage Cabinets include a combination of base doors and shelving to allow flexibility with display and storage. Due to its multi-function, having a piece like this gives you the option of moving it from different rooms of the home if desired.

We love that although they are typically a simple furniture piece, Bookcases can still be quite versatile in their design. We can show you a range of design options in your large Showroom to assist you in creating custom shelving for your home office.

Consider the height and depth of your shelving when designing a custom bookcase. What items will be sitting here? Always allow enough room for display pieces to have space around them so they don’t feel cramped. For office / study use, having a traditional wooden bookcase is ideal for keeping all your books in one place. When deciding the depth of the bookcase, consider your larger books that will be on the bookshelves. It’s always beneficial to maximise the height of the bookcase to ensure it will be made the most of for storing books.