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Does your existing Home Office Storage never seem to have enough drawer or shelf space? Is your Desk not large enough for your needs? Perhaps your office serves as a multi-purpose space for other people in the household? Nordic Design can help – with an understanding of storage options, multi-purpose furniture functions and years of experience, we can design and locally handcraft Custom Office Furniture to your requirements.

Turn your Home Office into a comfortable and practical workspace with unique, Custom Office Furniture.

Work effectively, knowing your Home Office is made to your individual requirements. Our experienced team of craftspeople at Nordic Design can transform your ideas into reality. Using quality Australian materials and 50 years of manufacturing experience.

Step 1 – Choose Your Size
When choosing Furniture for your Home Office, consider how large or small your space is and determine how you will be using your desk and storage. Measure your space and talk to us about your requirements. You can be as specific as needed to ensure the layout and function of your Home Office is exactly what you need.

Not only can you customise the size of your pieces, but you can also choose your preferred functionality. You might request a large Desk with return for multi tasking, or filing drawers and shelving for easily accessible paperwork? Perhaps you’d like a sliding keyboard and cable holes for a minimalist workspace? These are simply a few examples, but you can make as many requests as you desire – add doors, drawers and organisation compartments to complement your working style.

Step 2 – Choose Your Design
When choosing a design, consider the layout of your Home Office and how you’d like it to function for your type of work.

Our Custom Office Furniture is so diverse because we can incorporate so many functional features that blend into your chosen design style. Whether your preference is individual pieces that serve their own purpose, or a Custom multi-use work station, we can work with you to design something that looks a functions how you desire.

Step 3 – Choose your Timber
As we use quality hardwood timbers, the unique grain variations across each selection are simply stunning and reinforce a custom product. Some of the timbers we offer include Tasmanian Blackwood, Tasmanian Oak, Victorian Mountain Ash, Western Australian Jarrah, Tasmanian Silver Wattle or American Oak. Alternatively, if you have existing furniture you’d like to match, our specialist polishers can closely match colour tones. So in other words, the colour options are endless…

Our Custom Timber Furniture made in Adelaide is something sought after for those with a Home Office. Because working from home has become so common, the idea of quality furniture that will stand the test of time is especially desired.


Before purchasing Home Office Furniture, consider the use of your office space and how you wish to set it up. Are you restricted for space? What are your storage requirements? Is your Home Office combined with an additional living space? Will this be a room for adults and children? These are all the things to think of before updating your Office.

As practical as working from home needs to be, it’s equally important for your Home Office to look and feel welcoming. By crafting in quality hardwood timbers, you can choose from a range of selections to create a working environment that complements you. Gorgeous grain detail? Colour matched to existing furniture? Handle selections? All yours to choose.

And remember, your Desk and Storage don’t have to lack in style. Let us craft something in a traditional design to sit in your character home, or slim down the design for more contemporary styles. Hide unwanted cords with considered design concepts that leave you with a sleek finish. Incorporate useful compartments and additional drawers for easier access and better organisation.

All these are considered when we discuss your Custom Office Furniture.