2.5 seater fabric lounge with button detail and timber base blue fabric lounge on full base with slim arms and high back support cushions
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Beautifully crafted Lounge Furniture awaits in our Adelaide showroom where you can discover an impressive selection of styles, including traditional designs through to modern contemporary as well. Explore our display of Lounge Suites to freshen up your Living Room…


Being Sofa Manufacturers in Adelaide ensures High Quality craftsmanship, meaning your Lounge Suite will last at least a decade. Remember, it’s important to consider your lifestyle and needs when choosing the right Sofa for your Living Room.

COMFORT & SUPPORT: Investing in well-designed Lounge Furniture means having your selections tailored to your personal requirements. There is no need to choose between aesthetics or comfort because at Nordic Design you can have both effortlessly incorporated into your Custom Sofa.

STYLE & SIZE: For seekers of something out of the ordinary, Custom Made Sofas can deliver exactly what you want when it comes to design and seating capacity. Visit our Adelaide showroom to see a selection of Sofas available in an extensive choice of sizes and designs. Consider individual armchairs, 2-Seater Sofas or even 3 Seaters. Alternatively if you prefer something larger to sit as a Focal Point, a Modular Lounge might be more suitable for you.

DURABILITY: Expertly crafted from locally sourced materials, our careful construction techniques and attention to detail ensures your Lounge Furniture will retain form and function for many years. We offer the best Quality Lounges no matter what design you choose.

CUSTOM EXTRAS: Incorporate a Recliner Sofa, built-in consoles, storage compartments, pull-out Sofa Beds or other features into your Custom Sofa. The clever design means your options are limited only by your imagination. We often incorporate a range of custom features to offer additional comfort or seating support. Of course, custom features can also benefit the aesthetic of your lounge – which is equally as important.

There’s no need to compromise with Nordic Design Lounge Furniture. Because we offer a diverse range of styles and configurations we can accommodate all your seating requirements. With a solid timber frame construction, durable High Quality fill, and smart design options, you’ll enjoy many years of comfort and good looks from your Sofa.

Whatever style of Lounge Furniture you have in mind, let us turn it into a reality, and allow your custom Lounge Suite to become a beautiful Focal Point of your Living Room.