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All of our Leather Lounges are locally hand crafted here in Adelaide. Using quality leathers and crafting methods, our Leather Lounge Suites offer custom design and comfort… READ MORE


Specialising in Leather Lounge Suites is what we do. With all of our lounges locally hand crafted right here in Adelaide, you’re guaranteed to find exactly the lounge you want. With our experienced craftspeople, Nordic Design can create a Leather Lounge that perfectly suits your requirements. In addition to our beautiful, durable selection of leathers, we can customise sizing too. Consider the depth, back height, firmness, plus preferred style of arms, legs, cushions and headrests.

The only standard feature included is the robust solid timber frame forming the backbone of each Sofa. This ensures durability for years to come. In addition to this, customise the cushion support and design features for a custom Leather Lounge.

Because we hand craft each Leather Sofa specifically for you, it allows you to determine which design features you want. Consider size, leather choice and level of comfort. Plus any other details you may like to include. Whether you desire a Leather Sofa (or a fabric option), having a locally made lounge means personalised design as well as comfort – made ideal for either smaller homes or growing families.

And because we offer this level of flexibility when updating your Leather Lounge Suite, it gives our customers a Sofa they’ve always wanted. Plus, it’s particularly exciting to see customer variations come through our showroom.