Deciding between a Lounge Suite or Separate Seating is a decision all individuals and families face when choosing furniture for their living space. Both options have their own advantages (and considerations), but it ultimately comes down to personal preferences, lifestyle, and what best suits your space. At Nordic Design Furniture, we’ve had over 50 years of experience in crafting Custom Lounge Furniture… So we can certainly assist you in choosing what Seating Configuration is best for you.

So, let’s explore some factors to consider when making this decision and offer both the pros and cons of each option.


Why Choose a Lounge Suite?

A Lounge Suite, can be considered in two ways. Firstly, there’s the concept of a Modular Sofa, being a single Lounge Piece that consists of multiple ‘sections’ either fixed or adjustable. Generally, a Modular consists of basic seating, plus a Chaise or detachable Ottoman. Sometimes, the addition of a Recliner is also incorporated for some added luxury.

Alternatively, you may opt for a Lounge Suite which consists of multiple seating pieces that are the same size, but sit separately in the room. This could be two 3 Seaters or three 2 Seaters. Visually, this offers a balanced look to your space, however it can feel a little limiting at the same time.

But one of the main advantages to choosing a Lounge Suite (of either sort) is the consistency and luxury it offers. Particularly if choosing a Modular Sofa, it successfully creates a communal gathering space for family and friends. This may be especially desirable for those who enjoy entertaining guests or have a larger family. Additionally, a Lounge Suite comprised of matching pieces can create a cohesive and unified look in a room, as each element is designed with symmetry in relation to design, size and material.

An advantage which can be incorporated to an all-in-one Lounge Suite and Individual Seating is the potential for additional features and functionalities. Since we custom make all of our Lounge Furniture at Nordic Design, we can incorporate many features to any style of Lounge you choose. As an example, many Modern Lounge Suites come with built-in storage compartments, Reclining Seats, or Adjustable Head Rests. These added features can enhance the Comfort and Functionality of any Seating Arrangement, making whichever choice a practical option for those who value convenience and multi-functionality. In other words, with a Custom Made Nordic Design product, the choice is yours…

However, there are also some other considerations to keep in mind when opting for a Lounge Suite. One of the main features can be the size. Lounge Suites tend to be larger and sometimes bulkier compared to separate seating options. This can be a challenge for those with limited space or narrow doorways and hallways when it comes to re-decorating. It’s essential to carefully measure your available space and consider the style of Lounge Suite you want before making a purchase.


The Benefits of Separate Seating

In contrast, Separate Seating offers more flexibility in terms of individual requirements and customisation. Mix and Match Seating with a combination of separate Armchairs and Sofas. Each piece can be chosen based on personal comfort and style preferences, allowing for a more personalised Seating Arrangement that caters to specific needs and preferences of each individual. Additionally, Separate Seating can be easier to move and rearrange, making it a handy option for those who like to re-visit the layout of their living room.

Another advantage of Separate Seating is the ability to Mix and Match different styles and designs. This can create a more eclectic and unique look in your space, allowing for greater creativity and personal expression. It also means you can easily replace or update individual pieces without having to replace an all-in-one arrangement – since the goal isn’t for things to ‘match’.

However, as with anything, there are still potential disadvantages to choosing Separate Seating. While some may prefer the ‘eclectic look’, others may like a more unified and coordinated aesthetic. Choosing a more traditional Lounge Suite usually achieves this. Additionally, Individual Sofas may not be as space-efficient if you have an unusual or smaller shaped Living Area – particularly if you have a large or growing family.

Another way to categorize your Lounge Suite is through your upholstery selection. By choosing complementary fabrics from the same story and applying them across multiple Lounge Pieces will create a beautiful and cohesive aesthetic (even if you choose Lounges and Chairs in slightly different designs).

Speaking of upholstery, our Showroom offers hundreds of Fabric and Leather samples for you to browse. We are proud to team up with some of the most reputable suppliers across Australia and New Zealand, including Warwick Fabrics, Zepel Fabrics, Wortley Fabrics and Tasman Leather. Not only is the range extremely vast, but the quality is exceptional and offers a long wearing finish, while feeling beautiful to touch.

The Nordic Design Difference

All in all, by choosing either a Lounge Suite or Individual Sofas from Nordic Design Furniture ensures a quality product that’s made just for you. Because we individually craft each of our Lounges in our Local Furniture Factory, you have control over custom features and finishes (something not readily available elsewhere). And with the use of premium materials combined with traditional crafting techniques, your Lounge Furniture will not only look and feel amazing, but it will remain comfortable and functional for many years of enjoyed use.

Of course, if you’re still confused as to what option is best for you, why not visit our Showroom? We have a large range of Lounge Furniture on display in different designs, upholstery and levels of comfort. Being able to explore up close in person can help you decide what you prefer in your home.

Speak to our experienced staff and design your ideal Lounge Furniture from scratch… Conveniently located on Magill Road, with plenty of rear parking, visit us any day of the week.