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Occasional furniture pieces like Coffee Tables, Hall Tables and Side Tables are a flexible way to add extra storage and personality to your home.

At Nordic Design, we use a combination of quality materials, to offer the best in Custom Furniture. Using predominately Australian timbers and glass allow us to create practical Coffee & Side Tables, customised to suit the style of your home. Each piece is handcrafted to the highest standard and built to your exact dimensions. Ensuring your Custom Furniture  sits perfectly within its surrounds.

To find out more about creating Custom Coffee and Hall Tables, talk to our expert team about your individual needs.

Step 1 – Choose Your Size
When choosing Custom Timber Furniture, the first thing to establish is the space you have. How large or small is your space and what pieces are needed? Whether you’re needing a Coffee Table and matching Side Tables custom made for an unusually shaped room, or a Custom Hall Table for your entry that welcomes guests into your home. We can made modifications to exisiting designs, or craft something entirely unique for your needs.

Not only can you customise the size of your furniture, but you can also choose your preferred functionality. Perhaps you want to include drawers or shelves for practical storage? We can make these additions (to any size) to accomodate your needs.

Step 2 – Choose Your Design
When choosing the design, consider the style of your home. Is your space open and contemporary or more traditional? And what other furniture will sit with these occasional pieces?

Our Custom Designer Furniture is so diverse because of the possibilities on offer and we can easily achieve a modern or traditional design based on your needs.

Show us images and discuss your ideas with us so we can help you achieve your desired outcome. We can incorporate so many design finishes based on your preferred look – tapered legs, hidden drawers with custom divisions, cable holes, glass shelves – whatever you desire to achieve the look you envision.

Step 3 – Choose your Timber
Because every home is so different, we like to offer plenty of variation to our customers. While all of our Custom Furniture is crafted from quality timbers and materials, we offer a large selection…

Choose from our range of quality hardwood timbers (or allow us to closely colour match to existing timber in your home). Because even your Hallway Table and Coffee Table deserve to display as a feature – rather than an occasional piece.


Occasional Furniture, such as Coffee Tables and Hall Tables can add a special touch to your living space. If you have unusual wall space, want to fill an empty corner or simply need some smaller storage options, talk to us.

If you’re looking for flexibility, especially when it comes to re-decorating and updating your space, Hall Tables and Coffee Tables allow for various layout possibilities. Being smaller ‘occasional’ items means they can easily be moved to different areas of your home and offer much option for redecorating.

Custom Coffee Tables, Side Tables, Sofa and Hall Tables can be made to any size. Consider a corner side table, a nest of tables or a combination of timber and glass. All designed to work practically in your living space.

With the option to custom design Occasional Tables means you will always have pieces that complement your lifestyle and function how you desire. They can also become a showpiece amongst your other pieces.