australian made timber furniture custom made

It’s Australian Made week, making it the perfect time to thank you, our customers, for choosing quality Australian Made Furniture. But, if you think buying Australian Made Furniture is just about quality made furniture, it’s good to remind ourselves of a bigger picture…

Firstly, congratulations on buying and supporting local economy – something more important than ever right now. Through your purchases, you’ve contributed to local employment and retaining specialised skill sets – which we think is pretty special. At Nordic Design, this means retaining the high-level skill sets of traditional cabinet making, detailed upholstering, fine furniture polishing, individual design, and custom furniture building – not only here, but also as an Australian industry. Through your support, this ensures these specialist skills remain on our shores (which in turn helps to eliminate mass produced items and wastage). Incase you couldn’t already tell, we’re extremely passionate to be Australian Furniture Makers.

custom furniture locally made from specialist crafting techniques

Now let’s touch on the really ‘serious stuff’… Our Australian quality is sought after due to Australia’s requirements to meet strict labour, business, safety, and quality control standards. Then there’s the flow on effect of buying local which extends across the economy as taxes remain local, supporting our welfare system and public services, and the Australian lifestyle we enjoy… So, your choice of buying local goes a lot further than you might think. Remember, you not only support the business you’re purchasing from, but each local business connected with them – whether in supply or distribution, you are creating and sustaining local Australian jobs. It’s a lovely ripple effect and something we’re proud to contribute to.

solid timber custom made dining suite

Whilst we’re only touching on these Australian made benefits, Nordic Design is in its 51st year of Adelaide Furniture Making… Crafting an extraordinarily large range of furniture options, from locally sourced products, sustainable timbers and durable upholstery, all to create the furniture you’ve become accustomed to.  And we wouldn’t be here, or the local businesses we choose to work with, without your support. With immense gratitude, we thank you, for supporting Nordic Design as Australian Furniture Makers, plus a family owned and operated business for over 50 years.