Everyone aspires for Luxury Bedroom Furniture… But what does that actually mean? For everyone, a Bedroom is used differently. Some consider it a sanctuary where lots of time is spent to unwind, while others see it as a space purely for sleeping. Either way, it’s the place we all start and end our day – so it’s important it makes us feel good and set’s the right tone for when we wake and before we fall asleep.

While everyone defines ‘Luxury’ a little differently, there’s no denying that the ultimate form of Luxury is choosing custom made. The reason being, by choosing furniture that’s custom made to your desired requirements, it will fulfil your definition of what Luxury is – whatever that may be. You might consider lots of Bedroom Storage as luxurious, or a large Upholstered Headboard the ultimate luxury feeling. No matter your thoughts, we can accommodate everything based on your needs.

custom timber bedroom furniture custom made in Adelaide

We’re proud to say for over 50 years, Nordic Design have been locally crafting Custom Made Bedroom Furniture. This means we have extensive knowledge and confidence, through our many years of experience, in being able to fulfil a variety of unique requests.



Because we hand craft all of our Furniture in our local factory, this means all of our items are made to order. This gives our customer’s the luxury of choosing exactly what they want. Be specific in your design and size requirements, so your pieces fit your space just right.

While we have some design styles on display for you to consider, there’s no limitation to what we do. Make modifications to something existing or let us build something entirely unique based on your ideas. And have your Bedroom Furniture made to your exact size requirements. If your Bedroom has unusual nooks, we can successfully craft your items to sit comfortably and best fulfil your space.

And the type of storage you choose can be custom as well. Include drawers underneath your Bed Frame or have different sized drawers on your Tallboy to accommodate specific items such as jewellery and other accessories. Your Freestanding Wardrobe can also include internal compartments specific for shoes, bags or distinctive hanging items. Discuss your requirements with us and we’ll explain the possible options to achieve it. Because we’ve been crafting for over 50 years, we’ve been fortunate enough to craft hundreds of custom Bedroom Suites. In our Showroom, we have a digital photo library showcasing many of our custom orders. This can offer you inspiration when designing your own Bedroom Furniture.

custom bedroom storage options locally made in Adelaide


Usually, to consider something as luxurious, it needs to look and feel high quality. This is why we only use premium materials when manufacturing all of our furniture. The core purpose of our pieces is to endure many years of enjoyed use, while maintaining their design integrity. This is why we use only the best quality hardwood timbers. Plus, we think the addition of natural hardwoods adds a welcomed warmth to a Bedroom space.

Some of the Timbers we offer include Tasmanian Blackwood, Tasmanian Oak, Victorian Mountain Ash, Western Australian Jarrah, Tasmanian Silver Wattle or American Oak. Alternatively, if you have existing furniture pieces you’d like to match, our specialist polishers can closely match colour tones. So in other words, the colour options are endless…

quality hardwood timber selections

And if you’re wanting a whole Bedroom Suite, complete with Bed Frame, Bedside Tables, Chest of Drawers and Wardrobe, we can craft all of these items at the same time so the timber selection is perfectly consistent across all products. And even better, is all the pieces of your Bedroom Suite will be completed at the same time, meaning you can setup your space in one go – we think that’s pretty exciting!



Let’s talk about size (because it’s usually one of the main things to consider when ordering new furniture). Luxury doesn’t have to mean going large. Even if you have a space that’s slightly on the smaller side, you can still make Furniture selections to fit and function accordingly. Whether it’s creating a corner piece to maximise your floor space, or increasing the height of your Bed Frame for added grandeur and a more spacious look. Everything is Made to Measure, meaning we can successfully satisfy any requests.

Quite often people want a custom size mattress but struggle to find a Bed Frame to support this. At Nordic Design, we can easily accommodate all mattress sizes, so you don’t need to feel limited in your choice of mattress comfort.

If there’s any room of the house that deserves a feeling of Luxury, it’s the Master Bedroom. Either used as a retreat for Mum and Dad, or simply a private oasis from the rest of the house – whatever the intention, it should feel special. By choosing furniture that’s one of a kind, you’ll always feel lavish in your space. Especially desirable is a fully upholstered Headboard. Not only does the beautiful screen of fabric or leather soften a space and create a feeling of cosiness, but it offers comfort for those who enjoy sitting up in bed – whether to read a book, watch television or simply unwind with their partner. We offer a large range of fabric and leather selections in our Showroom for the option to make this style even more personalised.

luxury bedroom furniture locally made in Adelaide from hardwood timbers

While the finished products will be something admired and enjoyed for many years, the design and manufacturing experience should also be enjoyed. We strive for a seamless process from the enquiry stage, to the delivery of your completed items. With continual communication and thorough quality control, this ensures our customer’s are pleased with the final result… This is especially rewarding for us.

So, why not visit our Adelaide Showroom? We are located on Magill Road and offer plenty of rear parking for added convenience and our large space has many Bedroom pieces on display which you can explore up close… We look forward to working with you to bring your dream Bedroom Furniture into reality.